Hartselle Police Warning: Secure your vehicles

Man dressed in black with a balaclava on his head looking through car window and wondering how to break into this car. Car thief, car theft concept

HARTSELLE, Ala. – Hartselle Police investigators say they have made an arrest in a string of auto burglaries. Now, police are using this as a warning to people to keep valuables out of their vehicles.

Investigators say the thief took prescription medicine and several guns. Some of the vehicles had windows busted out, but others were left unlocked.

Officers are concerned stolen guns can be used in other crimes, even against the owner of the vehicle.

The Hartselle Police Department says they cannot return medicine to the owners, as they don’t know if it has been tampered with.

Officers want you to avoid keeping anything potentially dangerous or valuable in your vehicle.

As far as the arrest they made, Hartselle Police Investigators aren’t going to release that information. They say it’s because of the age of the accused.