2.7 magnitude earthquake recorded in Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. —   A 2.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 10:38 Friday morning in Jackson County. The quake was located about 8 miles northeast of Scottsboro at a depth of 3 miles. A 2.7 magnitude Earthquake is low enough that you might not have noticed it at all.

Small earthquakes like this are not uncommon. The Tennessee Valley has seen 116 earthquakes in the last decade. The highest magnitude earthquake in the last decade was a 3.2, recorded north of Keener in Etowah County on May 6th, 2010.

Although we see small tremors pretty often, North Alabama is not particularly susceptible to large earthquakes. The strongest earthquake on record in North Alabama had a magnitude of 4.6 according to the USGS. That occurred April 29, 2003 just north of Fort Payne. That earthquake caused some structural damage across DeKalb County.