Logistics Support at Redstone means connection to the world

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala -- If you're a soldier, your work is often dirty and dangerous. There are some things it should never be. "We don't ever want that soldier to be worried about the condition of the equipment that the Army has given that soldier to do his job," said Col. John Kuenzli, the Commander of the Logistics Support Activity, LOGSA, at Redstone Arsenal.

You can make the equipment Col. Kuenzli is talking about, "all" the equipment a soldier uses. From backpacks to bullets, to vehicles, it all needs to work. If necessary it needs to be replaced with something better. Making that happen is the responsibility of the Logistics Support Activity at Redstone Arsenal, LOGSA for short. The LOGSA Data Center uses a thousand linked computers to stay in touch with the world. "We can go down to the individual repair parts that are in the warehouses," said Col. Kuenzli.

The linked computers can handle some 70-thousand users. The response to the soldier's needs has to be accurate and far better than the pencil and paper days. And it is. "It can happen in hours instead of days and weeks," said Col. Kuenzli.

The Data Center's capacity and speed make it invaluable, but it is part of the internet. There are bad guys trying to get in. "I get briefed weekly by my team on the foreign intrusion attempts into this data center, and I also get briefed on the fact that they haven't got in yet," said Col. Kuenzli.

Plenty of effort every moment of the day goes into making sure hackers don't get in. It's important to keep the Data Center safe so it can keep doing what it does, all the things that excite the LOGSA Commander.

"The fact that we can do so much now within an hour and see so far around the world shows me the potential for how good we can be in our logistics operation. Quite frankly doing the best work with America's taxpayer dollars," said the LOGSA Commander.

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