The SockDock won’t let your socks disappear in the wash EVER AGAIN!

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Socks. We all have them, and we all seem to lose them. Even when you KNOW you put two socks in the washing machine... it always seems like somehow, only one comes out.

The SockDock is a contraption that claims to keep all your socks together through the washer and the dryer. The idea is that your socks will come out clean, dry, and still paired up!

You start by taking the sock cord and making room for a pair of socks between each buckle. You slide a pair of socks into the loop, then pull the buckle down to fasten the socks in. Keep loading up the socks till the sock dock is full with nine pairs of socks.

To test, we put the SockDock in the washing machine with other miscellaneous laundry, and waited to make the switch to the dryer.

All nine pairs made it through the washer and the dryer still paired up.

The SockDock comes with two cords. One for clean socks and one for dirty socks.

When your clean socks come out of the dryer, just use the hanger provided to hang the SockDock in your closet, so you don’t have to go fishing for pairs in a sock drawer.

If it’s worth it to you to not have to go digging through all of this for a pair of socks, then the Sock Dock is a deal.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $15