Local businesses go digital in Scottsboro

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Local businesses are important to the Chamber of Commerce and with a new development, they hope to expose retailers to a bigger clientele. "We spent the last two years developing an app in DeKalb County, Alabama and using that area as a lab working with local merchants by giving them tools and tech that they never had access to," said Jordan Doufexis, CEO of Native Marketing and Strategy.

The app "Native Rewards" is officially in Scottsboro. "When you download the app you sign up and you pick which market area you're going to be signed up in," said Ashley Doufexis, partner CEO.

Local businesses in the area register at the chamber to be featured on the app. So far Scottsboro has eight participating agencies, but expect several more. "You got digital loyalty cards, digital coupons, updates from your merchants," said Jordan.

Money giveaways are also done on Fridays through the app by scanning a barcode at a participating location. The more you shop locally, the more opportunities there are to win cash. "Since March 16th of 2016, we've actually given away over $21,000."

Native Rewards benefits your pockets but also your neighborhood. "Keeping your tax dollars local is something that long-term will affect the local community that you live in," explained Doufexis. A thriving community is one that will spark growth.

Native Rewards is available for both iPhone and Android users in Scottsboro.