Fourth complaint filed about illegal dumping of UNA debris

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. – Since August, several complaints have been filed about a sub-contractor illegally dumping debris from a demolition site at the University of North Alabama. Another complaint was recently filed six weeks after the original complaint was made.

Demolition of UNA’s Floyd Hall began mid-summer and continued into September. The university is making way for a new College of Nursing.

Complaints started being filed with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management about where the debris was going on August 20th. Three were filed in as many days; now a fourth complaint has been sent in.

“All of a sudden he starts this crap; I don’t know what’s a matter with the guy,” Bill Rogers stated.

Bill Rogers

Rogers said he contacted ADEM and the Corp of Engineers about a land-owner built dam adjacent to his property. He lives on Lauderdale County Road 241.

“(Ronald) Dickerson would haul the debris in from Floyd Hall down here and put a dam in, blocking the natural flow of water across my property to his property and it goes on down through his property and through other properties down to the river. He can’t stop the natural flow of water, but he thinks he can,” Rogers said.

WHNT News 19 reached out to Ronald Dickerson for an on-camera interview. He declined, but off-camera he spoke about building he dam.

He stated for a fact, the debris did not come from UNA and that particular contractor has not been on his land.

Dickerson said he has every right to build the dam to protect his property from water.

WHNT News 19 reached out to ADEM several times Wednesday trying to get an update on their investigations into the illegal dump-sites involving UNA debris. We still have not heard back from them.

A side note to this story: Bill Rogers, the land-owner who filed the complaint with ADEM said he plans to file a civil lawsuit against Ronald Dickerson to have the dam removed. As of Wednesday afternoon court records don’t reflect a lawsuit has been filed.