Farley’s Beth Melton Is Everything You Could Ask For

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -  Say hello to Beth Melton. Principal Towana Smith says Mrs. Melton is everything you could ask for in a teacher.

Beth Melton teaches first grade at Farley Elementary in Huntsville.

"When you talk about Beth Melton you are talking about a phenomenal teacher. She is very flexible, she is a team player, she goes over and beyond the call of duty." said Smith. "She makes sure her instruction is personalized and that`s exactly what the students need."

So, what should we expect when this tools for teachers winner finds out the good news? "She is going to be so surprised." said Smith with a smile.

"We have a district walk through today, and I told her to dress really pretty tomorrow. She said 'Mrs. Smith what is up.' I said 'oh nothing just dress really pretty.'" recounts Smith. "She is going to be shocked, because I think she thinks it has something to do with the district walk through and not because of this prestigious award that she is receiving."

Someone's in shock in winning $319!

Mrs. Melton was beyond surprised about receiving $319. "Awesome thank you so much." said Mrs. Melton.

When it comes to running a successful class, Mrs. Melton wants no credit. She says it's all about her students. "Every single day is exciting for them which is exciting for me. They are a great group of children. I am blessed beyond belief to be here at Farley and they make it so." said Melton.
And, as it turns out, education runs in the family.

"I come from a long line of teachers my mom taught for over 40 years, my dad was in education and I have always wanted to be a teacher. It`s been a life long calling for me, yes."

So what about that $319?

"I am going to buy some new books for our classroom. We are in desperate need of a new class library. That is one thing."

Sounds like money well spent for someone who values the significance of the spoken and written word.

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