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Autumn’s chill arrives Monday, lingers through Friday

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A cold front pushed through the Tennessee Valley Sunday, and behind it a pool of dry and chilly air will settle into the region.

After numerous days of 80-degree weather, the cooler temperatures will bring not only a welcomed relief from the heat, but a real connection to the fall season through the rest of the week.

Highs Monday will barely make it out of the mid 60s. Coupled with the cool temperatures will be a sustained north-northwest wind that will continue to transport cool air into the region. Expect sustained wind speeds of 10-15 mph with gusts as high as 20-25 mph.

Chilly mornings through the week ahead

Monday morning's chilly temperatures will not be a fluke: The rest of the week will feature cold bus stop temperatures all the way through Friday. If you have yet to bring out the sweatshirts, fleece jackets and sweaters, this will be the week to do so. A few scarves and knit hats would be a good idea, too!

Mild afternoon temperatures

In the past two weeks, daytime highs reached 80+ degrees in Huntsville; one particular afternoon, thermometers hit 90 degrees. These temperatures are as much as 10-15 degrees warmer than they should be for the first half of October.

For the next week, we will experience a break from the summer-like heat and get an extended taste of fall. Daytime highs will struggle to climb out of the 60s Monday, and they will eventually step-ladder into the 70s by mid-week. We'll stay below average until Friday.