New poll has Roy Moore up 8 points on Doug Jones in US Senate race

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Cygnal polling, a Montgomery based polling firm, has released the results of a new poll that puts GOP candidate Roy Moore ahead of Democrat Doug Jones by 8 points, with 9% of respondents undecided.

The poll also found higher interest levels than from either of the previous two rounds of primary voting. More than 90% of respondents said they were "definitely likely" to show up to vote, which is 5-7% higher than surveys from the first round of primary voting and the GOP runoff.

Cygnal President Brent Buchanan said in a news release, "This race between Moore and Jones looks a lot like the Moore-Strange competition of the past few months. At this point, the data shows the result will be the same for Judge Moore come December.”

Cygnal's release also notes:

Moore leads Jones by 14 points among voters with the highest propensity to turn out, based on their past voting behavior. Independents have a similar favorable view of both candidates, but Moore leads the voting group by 23 points.

Roy Moore also showed strong Favorable/Unfavorable splits, with 53% of respondents reporting a favorable few, compared to 39% unfavorable. Doug Jones had a 43/29 split on Favorable/Unfavorable.

Moore leads in name recognition as well. Only 3% of respondents had never heard of Roy Moore. Roughly 18% had not heard of Jones.

The poll was conducted over a four-day span, from October 3 to October 6. Cygnal says this poll has a margin of error of 4.4%.