Locals with family in Puerto Rico are upset over President Trump’s recent tweets

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Many people weren't thrilled about President Trump's latest tweets on the situation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

In a series of tweets Thursday, Trump warned that first responders can't stay in Puerto Rico forever.

Madison County resident Pete Rodriguez believes President Trump doesn't truly understand the people of Puerto Rico. "We are not out there with our hand out, and just asking for something free. That's not the Puerto Rican people. We will help anybody that's out there," Rodriguez explained.

These American citizens are still fighting for survival in Puerto Rico. Mother Nature ripped through the island and left behind a lot of devastation. Rodriquez still has family there. "They are doing as well as they can be, right? There`s no power, maybe 80 percent of the island still lacks power. Water is flowing a little more," Rodriguez said.

According to his family, they've seen some federal help. "I can't say for sure because I'm not there. I don`t know exactly how distribution is going, but what I hear it is all good," Rodriguez said.

"From talking to some of my family members they are seeing some of the help, some trucks moving," Madison County resident Jose Matienzo said.

Matienzo has been receiving his information about the island second-hand but knows many people are still in need of help. "If you're without things for a couple of days it's like going camping. When you start to extend that frustration starts to kick in," Matienzo said.

"It's unfortunate he had those tweets. It's erroneous because that's not who we are. He seems to be not well-educated on the island," Rodriguez said.

Both Rodriquez and Matienzo are hopeful that no matter what the people of Puerto Rico go through, they will band together as one.

Rodriguez has been putting together care packages for his family and sending them. Matienzo is raising money for the Red Cross, if you would like to help you can donate here.