“It’s just hard to fathom” – California native reacts to deadly fires

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- You can't help but feel a sense of loss when you look at the footage from the California fires, and it especially hits hard for the people who used to call the state home.

Bob Martin calls Guntersville home now. He came to Alabama from California where he was born and raised.

He traveled around the state during his time there. Now he's looking back at those places he used to visit through video and pictures; a much different picture than when he saw them last. "I see the destruction in the Santa Rosa area, and all through Napa Valley, and the wineries that are lost," Martin said. "I've visited many of the wineries over the years, and that area is going to be hard to come back."

"A lot of the vineyards are lost, wineries destroyed, neighborhoods vanished, thousands of people without homes."

The footage from the fires is truly unbelievable: more like something out of a horror movie than real life. It's even harder to watch for someone who called the state home.

"The way those fires were running through the neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and you look at the pictures of neighborhoods just totally gone, it's just hard to fathom, hard to imagine," Martin said.