Dense Fog Likely: a foggy start on Thursday turns warm and dry by afternoon

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The humid air leaves, and drier, more comfortable air replaces it for the next few days.  One of the odd outcomes of dry air moving over wet ground is that it can get very foggy overnight!  Expect some thick patches of fog as temperatures dip into the mid-50s by sunrise Thursday.

It warms up above average again Thursday afternoon, but with lower humidity it won’t feel quite as steamy. Daytime highs top out around 80ºF with a light northwest wind. We’ll get one more cooler night: Friday morning lows in the mid-50s. After that, it’s hotter, more humid, and more uncomfortable again this weekend.

Friday and the weekend: Dry air cools quickly and effectively at night, but it warms up just as quickly in the afternoon under a sunny sky! Friday morning starts out nice: 51ºF to 56ºF with a clear sky. It gets hotter than normal again in the afternoon with a high over 80ºF. ‘Normal’ (or ‘average’) for mid-October would be a low around 51ºF and a high near 75ºF.

Football Friday still won’t be a hot chocolate and hats kind of night, but we do expect a fairly comfortable evening.  Expect temperatures in the upper 60s at kick off with a clear sky and a light wind.  It will get cooler through the games: 60-65ºF by the fourth quarter under a fair sky.

This weekend brings a shot at record warmth: daytime highs around 83ºF to 88ºF with higher humidity. The actual record for Saturday is 89ºF (1928); Sunday’s record is 88ºF (1947) in Huntsville.

A cool front approaching from the northwest on Sunday afternoon may stir up some scattered storms before the day is over, but our best chance of rain with that feature comes Sunday night through Monday.

This will be a good weekend to do some riding around looking for Fall colors in Northeast Alabama, Tennessee and North Georgia as well!  

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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