Skyline School is looking for community support for their Backpack Buddie’s meal program

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SKYLINE, Ala. - Skyline's Backpack Buddies started four years ago. "You know a lot of times you don't understand until you're working with children what the needs are."

Skyline's home economics teacher, Deborah Helms started to realize a few of the school's students weren't getting enough food at home. She began looking up different ways to help. "I had been investigating and researching. The girl that does the program at Woodville High School, she helped me get started," says Helms.

Four years later and Skyline is still collecting different food items for kids to pack away for the weekends. "I try to give about 14 items and that can range from a can of beanie weenies all the way down to just a little pack of fruit chews," explained Helms.

Skyline School feeds about 55 students a week at around $4.00 per student. Ultimately that's about $10,000 - $12,000 a year to fund the entire program. "We're fully funded by the community, through donations of money and donations of food. In fact, we have several groups that donate to us each year."

Although what they have may seem like enough, Helms says a lot more is needed to fulfill what they offer for an entire year. "We're always in need of individual foods in pop tops. We like pop tops in our program because that allows a child as young as four or five to feed themselves."

She encourages people to not only support their program, but also the other schools in the area in a similar way. If you want to help Skyline's Backpack Buddies, you can drop donations off at their front office.