Huntsville Fire and Rescue urges families to make fire plan

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville Fire and Rescue is spreading awareness during Fire Prevention Week. This year's focus: having a family plan with two ways out.

"If you could imagine yourself asleep in bed and you're alerted by the smoke detector, we focus on that being the early means of detection, but you can imagine if you don't have that or what you have is not working," said Assistant Fire Marshal, Mike Jaco.

Jaco wants to make sure all families are prepared for the unexpected--that means having a plan.

"It's going to be very dark and smoky and there's a lot of fear at that time," said Jaco. "You can move your blinds out-of-the-way, lift the window and crawl out the window."

During a fire, walking through your home won't look the same. Having early detection with a smoke detector is what firefighters say is key.

"If you're alerted to fire and you've got less than two minutes to react, preparation is the key there," said Jaco.

Part of the plan also includes what to do after getting out of the house.

"When everyone's out of the home, we want people to be accounted for the parents need to know every child is accounted for so everybody needs to know that one place to go," said Jaco.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue recommends practicing your home fire drill with family and if you have bedrooms upstairs, you can purchase folding ladders in case of an emergency.