The City of Scottsboro is putting the finishing touches on Veterans Ballpark Fields

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - After a few financial and weather delays, the City of Scottsboro is putting the finishing touches on the Veterans Ballpark Fields. "The concession building has some interior finish work on some countertops, and total partitions and installation of some kitchen sinks, and utilities such as that," explained the project coordinator, Jim Olyniec.

The fields only took about six months to complete. "The contraction completion date is in February."

The city council plans to do their final review of the fields within the next two weeks, putting them on schedule to open for the spring season. "With the new facility and the upgraded facilities, it'll be much more attractive for tournaments to come here," says Olyniec.

One of the main goals of the new facility is to hopefully host more tournaments to bring in more outside guests to the city. "Every dollar that's spent here is turned over three or four times in the economy, whether it's restaurants, motels, gas stations, and facilities."

Not only will it provide a boost the entertainment provided in Scottsboro but also add to tourism. "They'll be some future pavilions for resting and eating as well." Scottsboro leaders say they are thrilled with the end result and hope the community enjoys the new facility.

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