Section Pharmacy highlights American Pharmacist Month

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SECTION, Ala. - The month of October is American Pharmacist Month. The idea is to shed light on everything that your local pharmacists do to promote your health and well being. Dr. Monica Payne works at Section Pharmacy. She says American Pharmacist Month is

Dr. Monica Payne works at Section Pharmacy. She says American Pharmacist Month is a great way to highlight the important role pharmacists play in their communities.

"Every pharmacist that graduates has a doctorate degree, so we can do wellness screenings. I just got accredited last week to give diabetes education," said Dr. Payne.

Local doctors and physicians reached out to Section Pharmacy for help fighting diabetes, leading to a monthly course they now offer to help educate the community. "Diabetes is huge in Alabama," says Dr. Payne.

Payne says this gives pharmacists another way to interact and assist patients outside of their normal roles. "We're short on doctors. We're short on family practitioners. They're crunched for time as it is, so for them to actually sit down with a patient, go through all this stuff with them is just not really going to happen."

It also gives patients multiple outlets for medical care. "So there's a lot of one-on-one time that pharmacists do with patients, other just standing behind a counter and putting pills in a bottle like people want to think. So that's really what American Pharmacist month is, making people aware of everything we can offer."

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