Hot & Humid: A summertime feel lasts all week long

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Huntsville’s official high Monday was 90ºF.  That’s the eighth-latest 90-degree reading on record in Huntsville.  Mid-afternoon ‘feels like’ temps got as high as 94ºF in Huntsville, and that heat and humidity serve to kick off more showers and storms late this evening and tonight. 

A few locally-heavy downpours could drop more than an inch of rain and bring lightning and window-rattling thunder in the night.

The thick tropical humidity that ‘Nate’ pulled north sticks around through midweek. 

Expect more hot, humid weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, but a cool front leads some drier, less stuffy air into the Tennessee Valley region by Wednesday afternoon.

This kind of air doesn’t seem fair when you see what’s happening out west.  Look at the cold air rushing south across the Plains.  It won’t be making it this far south this time: just the drier air by the end of the week.

4 PM Monday, 10/9/17

So will it get cool anytime soon?

Yes. It will get cooler, but it won’t be getting cold. There are some hints of cooler weather setting in for a while between October 25th and November 10th, but it doesn’t look cold enough to bring a freeze or even a significant frost.

Fall freeze? When do we normally get it?

54 times in the past 110 years it’s been AFTER the average date in Huntsville (November 1st). Last Fall’s first freeze in Huntsville came on November 20th: seventh-latest on record.  Some ‘outliers’ in the long-range ensemble guidance give us 4-5 chances of touching 32ºF before November 16th; that means it’s possible but not very likely that we’ll see a freeze before mid-November.

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