Asbury’s first ever football stadium slated for spring completion

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ASBURY, Ala. -- After weather issues and other delays, there's an end in sight for the construction of Asbury High School's first ever football stadium.

Crews transformed a field in the small Asbury community from grass to a cleared space with bleachers and stadium lights. The initial goal was to have the stadium done by now, but the weather and other issues held up construction.

The new, first ever stadium is located across the street from the Asbury Volunteer Fire Department, which is a short walk from the school. The progress is exciting to see in the community. "It's a huge deal for the community," Asbury High School principal Clay Webber said, "The community can see that it's going up and progress is being made. It's really exciting."

"We've actually made a great deal of progress in the last couple of weeks," said Marshall County Schools superintendent Cindy Wigley. "We have all of the stadium lighting in place. We have 85 percent of the bleachers in place."

That's only part of the work crews are doing to get this stadium done as soon as possible. "We're planning to have it done in the spring," Wigley added.

Barring any new weather delays, that's the goal and welcome news. "The school is such a big part of the community, especially at Asbury, so we're all excited to be moving forward," Wigley said.

Webber says Asbury is very community-based, and the stadium will just add to that. "They really turn out for everything going on at the school, really support the school," he said.

So, with the goal line in sight (so to speak), that's something to look forward to.

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