Gulf Shores officials thankful Hurricane Nate’s impact wasn’t as severe as anticipated

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GULF SHORES, Ala. -- Gulf Shores was expecting to get hit hard by Hurricane Nate, but according to a spokesperson for the city, the damage was minor.

"We're very fortunate here. That last little jog to the west, it never really turned as far to the east as it was anticipated. Intensification didn't quite get to Cat 2 level," said Gulf Shores spokesperson Grant Brown.

With the ocean taking over the beach, high winds and rain, the city issued a mandatory curfew Saturday requiring everyone to be indoors by 8 p.m. Police monitoring the streets reported no major incidents occurred. The curfew was later lifted at 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

"There were a lot of people in town in their condos and with that people want to get out and see what has happened. People don`t really understand the storm and the effects of it," explained Brown.

Some people, like Angie Reynolds, had planned to make the trip to the beach weeks in advance and decided to ride Nate out.

"We already paid for our vacation, so we decided to chance it. We are one of the crazy tourists," said Angie.

Brown said they were prepared to deal with a strong storm because you can never take things lightly.

"A lot of people have moved into this area. They haven't been through this before so this is good education for them to know what to do, what to look out for, and what kind of preparedness plan to put into place," said Brown.

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