Hollywood Police Department has brand new body cameras for their force

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - The Hollywood Police Department recently made upgrades to their body cameras. New advances in technology will help ensure that the cameras will function in the best way possible.

"We had the version one, where officers would have to activate by pressing the button twice. We noticed that in high stress situations, sometimes the officer didn't have time or wouldn't think to activate his camera," explained Chief Jason Hepler.

These new devices pair perfectly with the system that was already installed in the patrol cars. "It pairs nicely with the Xeon Flex 2 because when you activate the light bar, the camera comes on automatically," says Chief Hepler. "It eliminates that chance of missing to activate the camera."

The cameras have other features such as GPS, wireless uploading to a secured server, and connections to all of the other cameras in the vehicle. "We can actually see everything on our computer display. In the car, there's a front facing camera for everything that's happening out in front of the vehicle. There's one in the prisoner compartment and then on the officer. We have all these different perspectives now."

The lack of footage during an officer involved shooting earlier this year made department officials feel that upgrading was extremely important. "In that event, we didn't have any footage because the cameras weren't activated. And that's what made us realize that in those high stress situations, it may not happen," says Chief Hepler.

If officers have a system that does the work for them, it helps decrease the chance of missing any important footage.