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City changes what items can be dumped into Florence Landfill to meet new federal regulations

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Residents in the city of Florence will be noticing a change in what items will be picked up curb-side this week. Federal regulations have changed in what is allowed to be discarded in the Florence Landfill.

It’s something residents have done for decades; when they are done with an appliance or piece of electronics they toss it out by the street.

Until now, most of those items ended up in the Florence Landfill.

David Koonce, Florence Solid Waste Director

“People are used to putting stuff out curb-side for us to pick up and we have never had many exclusions before, that’s changing because regulations have changed and has caused us to change,” explained Solid Waste Director David Koonce.

Starting this week, the city can no longer pickup electronics or anything containing Freon. Those items include refrigerators, air conditioners, or old freezers.

The Environmental Protection Agency has changed landfill regulations.

“Freon has to be removed by a certified technician and captured,” stated Koonce. “It can not be released into the environment; therefore, we can not collect it anymore.”

Those old televisions and computer monitors can no longer be put in a landfill either. Koonce said they also contain hazardous materials. They must be disposed of in a lined landfill.

“A lot of this glass that contains lead, other heavy metals can be present and so they can not go into a regular landfill anymore.”

So instead of trying to put electronics in the landfill, Koonce suggests dropping them off at their recycling center. From there the city can take care of the disposal.

The city of Florence will continue picking up discarded washers, dryers, and dishwashers curb-side. City workers will also continue to pick up residential yard waste and debris for disposal.