Shooting at Jet Pep gas station concerns people who work in the area

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville police confirm two people were shot at the Jet Pep on the corner of Church Street and University Drive Saturday night around 8 p.m.

According to police, there was a large crowd in the parking lot and an argument started. Police say during the argument shots were fired by multiple individuals.

"I was thinking oh my goodness that is so close to home for me you know. It's the first thing that's ever really happened this close you know to my area of expertise," Bail Bondsman Sandra Hopper said. AA Easy Out Bail Bond is only feet away from the Jet Pep gas station on University Drive.

Bail Bondsman Sandra Hopper wasn`t working when police said the shooting took place. She's surprised it happened in an area she said for the most part is peaceful.

"I'm glad only two people were hurt if anyone had to be hurt and that they were non-life threatening injuries," Hopper said.

Saturday nights are a hot spot in this area, from people stopping at Moody Mondays and ABC Beverage. "I want it to keep being safe and a safe place to come," Moody Mondays employee Kristen Daily said.

The night of the shooting, Daily was working as the shots rang out. "This is definitely something surprising and scary, but seems like everything is taken care of now," Dailey explained.

People who work in the area said there were a lot of cars parked at the gas station and people hanging out.  Hooper believes all the extra excitement was due to all of the events taking place over the weekend.

"We've seen an increase in 21 and younger arrests. We've been called by people to bond them," Hooper said.

She said most of their crimes were misdemeanors and lot of people weren't Huntsville natives. Both Hooper and Dailey are hoping their places of work will not be disturbed again, like they were Saturday night.