September 2017 Weather Recap

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In the month of September we fell into the 40s, jumped into the 90s, and even braced for a tropical system. So let’s take a deep breath and break down the last month.

Most of us started September by pulling out our boots and sweaters after a strong cold front moved through. That knocked temperatures down into the mid 70s on September first! We even dropped to 49° in Huntsville during the first week of the month.

Then Irma moved through. Irma moved through as a post-tropical cyclone September 12th. Because the system was so large it kept us cloudy and wet from September 11th-13th.


Huntsville didn’t make it out of the mid 60s for 3 days straight. Huntsville picked up 1.88 inches of rain from Irma, but farther east in Albertville 3.79 inches fell in those 3 days!

Once Irma moved out our weather changed dramatically. By September 18th we hit 90°F in Huntsville. Summer like weather settled in all the way through the official start of fall on September 21st, when Huntsville hit 91°F.

Huntsville’s high temperature was at or above 90°F seven out of the last fourteen days in September. That stretch of heat evened out temperatures for the month. September as a whole was about 1 degree below average.