Monte Sano Elementary student collects school supplies for Houston schools

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - While the families devastated by Hurricane Maria are trying to begin the rebuilding process, in Houston, families, schools and businesses are still feeling the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

The storm hit the Lone Star State just over a month ago.

An idea from a mother and daughter at Monte Sano Elementary in Huntsville is helping other students in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

"Out of the blue, she said 'I want to collect school supplies,'" said Monte Sano Elementary teacher, Shannon Hoyle.

"When we heard it on the radio, we heard some of the things that people were doing to help them, but we didn't hear anything about school supplies," said fifth grader, Lily Shelton.

Lily is a student at Monte Sano and her mother, Shannon, is a kindergarten teacher at the school.

"I reached out to a Huntsville High graduate, a classmate of mine that lives in Houston, and said, 'Is there a need for this?,'" said Hoyle.

Turns out, there was... and still is. Lily and her mom collected school supply items throughout the month of September to send to a church in Houston, where they will be distributed to schools that lost everything.

From Huntsville to Houston, more than 20,000 items will be sent to Texas.

"Well, I am happy because I was able to help people and twenty thousand school supplies is a ton!," said Lily.

"As a mom and a teacher, one of the most important things that we want to teach our children is to be kind and love each other," said Hoyle.

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