Drivers claim cars are damaged from gravel on Hwy 53

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Just one month ago Sheila Dieu drove off with her first brand new car. However,  in just a matter of weeks the “newness” of the car had worn off... literally.

“I live right off of Hwy 53, and they’re about to repave it and have dumped many, many miles of loose gravel on the road," said Dieu.

The gravel is over an eight mile stretch.

“They’re bouncing off your windshield, bouncing off your car and you’re cringing every time because you know what it’s doing to your paint job,” said Dieu. “I own two vehicles. They have both suffered damage. One is my brand new car that now needs a new paint job, the other is my husband's truck that got a new windshield.”

We took Dieu’s complaints to ALDOT who tells us they didn’t just 'dump gravel'.

“I think the guy you talked to at ALDOT needs to come out and look at Hwy 53,” said Dieu.

Spokesperson for ALDOT, Seth Burkett tells WHNT the rock chips are embedded into the asphalt. He said when cars drive too fast over it, they can be loosened and pop out. That is why he said the speed limits are considerably lower than normal.

“People are driving 50, 60, 70 miles an hour and it’s throwing loose gravel everywhere," said Dieu.

ALDOT said the road resurfacing will start sometime next week as a part of a $2.1 million dollar project.

Dieu is happy this is a short-lived problem but “the damage is already done.” And she doesn’t want to have to pay for it.

Burkett said to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle or others, to please drive at a reduced speed and avoid following too closely.

If you have an issue with this road you can contact ALDOT by Reporting a Road Concern on the ALDOT homepage or email