West Elementary’s Gayla Mills Loves Her Kids And Her Job

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. -- Congratulations to Gayla Mills for winner Tools For Teachers!

She teaches second grade at West Elementary School in Russellville.

Principal Deanna Hollimon says Miss Mills' class is an environment of encouragement. "Gayla is always very positive and she has a wonderful rapport with her students. You can tell they love her very much," Hollimon said. "That's an honor. My teachers are very hard working, dedicated individuals and to have one recognized like that, that says a lot for our teachers and our whole staff."

And when presented with $319, it was a first time for Miss Mills to win a prize!

Gayla Mills won $319 for her classroom. She teaches at West Elementary in Russellville.

"I have never won anything....ever!" exclaimed Miss Mills.

She even fanned herself with the money! After she cooled down, Miss Mills expressed her appreciation not only for her class, but for her school as well. "I have a great bunch of children. I have 22 in my classroom this year and they are very smart," Mills said.

And it's no surprise this teacher has a track record of success.

"I have had great classes in the past. I have had great kids that came back and talked to me and it`s so wonderful to see how smart they are and how far they have gone."

Tell us about a public school teacher you feel deserves recognition. Send us your nomination today! Honorees will receive $319 for their classroom. Nominees must teach in K-12 public schools in the WHNT News 19 viewing area.

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