Mayor Tommy Battle says President Trump, Vice President Pence visits show Huntsville in a positive light

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - We've had some big name visitors in Huntsville over the past several days. Mayor Tommy Battle said it's a great way to launch the Rocket City's reputation around the world.

President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Fox News anchors have more in common than just some political views. They all spent time in Huntsville this week. Mayor Battle loves introducing new people to the city.

"When somebody comes to visit Huntsville, their last words as they walk away is, 'I had no idea,'" Mayor Battle said. "Now this kind of spreads that, 'I had no idea,' because all of a sudden, people do have an idea. They know what Huntsville is about."

Mayor Battle got to have a conversation with Vice President Pence during his visit. The main topic: space exploration.

"He said y'all are going to be on the forefront as we go back into deep space, as we go back into going to the moon, going to mars," Mayor Battle said.

These big names in politics also give the city big exposure.

"When you have a site search out there, you become one of the top five immediately and that's kind of where we're moving to in many of these job expansions or new jobs coming in," Mayor Battle explained.

As much focus stayed on Alabama this week, many people heard the story of Huntsville.

"There were people who came from the four-state areas, coming to see the president," Mayor Battle explained. "They went away with that same thing, 'Wow, I had no idea.'"

Mayor Battle said the top political leaders look at Huntsville as a place of preference now, and that can only help our people.

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