“It was like we became family” – video of Guntersville gospel group’s impromptu singing goes viral

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- Sometimes a special moment can happen in an unlikely place. That's what happened to a Guntersville-based southern gospel group while they were traveling home from a show through Tennessee.

Stanley Mahan has been a part of something special for a good part of his life. "The name of the group is The Believers, and it was formed in 1974. My sister and I have been singing for over 40 years," he explained.

The Guntersville-based group hails from all over northeast Alabama. Over the weekend on a trip home from Kentucky during a stop to get food they were a part of something unexpected. "We decided that we would go Golden Corral in Clarksville, Tennessee," Mahan said.

There was another group there too. The two had never met and were from different areas. They got to talking and found out singing and praise was a combined passion. So, they decided to do that together right there in the restaurant."We had never met these people, and it was like we became family all of a sudden," Mahan said.

The two groups sang separately and then sang 'Amazing Grace' together. The people eating nearby and the staff stopped to listen and record it on their phones.

Someone posted the video to Facebook, and it took off. The post has thousands of shares and hundreds of comments. "People have seen so much going on in our nation, all of the trouble that we've been having, and this is a positive thing. Here is white and black together, rejoicing," Mahan said.

When the two groups parted, the group, from Birmingham, invited The Believers to their church. Mahan said they're looking forward to it.

It was a special moment shared in an unlikely place. "I guess you could say God put the two of us together there at Golden Corral in Clarksville, Tennessee," Mahan said.

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