Grocery Gripps will make your shopping trips easier, but with a price

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Groceries—we all need them. And no matter where you get them, they usually get packed into paper or plastic bags.

Grocery Gripps claim to be a comfortable, convenient way to carry bags by distributing the weight of a load over stronger muscles like your wrist or shoulder, instead of carrying heavy weight with your hands.

To test, we went to Star Market for bagging expertise and loaded up some groceries!

The Grocery Gripps strap has two different carrying options. You can loop it through your grocery bag handles and carry it on your wrist, or you can loop it for over-the-shoulder hands-free carrying, which was our preferred way to use the Grocery Gripps.

But for a hefty price of twenty dollars…would you really buy it?

“I mean, there is cheaper alternatives out there," said Natasha Peace, an assistant manager at Star Market. "I don’t think people are actually going to buy it for the price that it is. Debatable, just depends on the person really.”

Everyone who tried it agreed that they loved the way it worked, but it was too expensive.

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable

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