Governor Kay Ivey says citizen participation in elections is essential

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --Governor Kay Ivey was in the Rocket City twice this week. During Wednesday's visit, she addressed a number of topics. Among them she talked about the results of the Senate primary runoff, and why participation in such elections are so important.

Governor Ivey said she moved the Senate special election date to be in compliance with the law.

"Elections are always important, and citizen participation is essential. The people of Alabama voted yesterday in the Republican primary, and now we'll encourage everybody to participate in the upcoming general election December the 12th," she said.

Ivey did not publicly support either Senator Luther Strange or Judge Roy Moore, but now that there is one Republican standing to face Democratic party nominee Doug Jones, the governor's support is with her party.

"As a Republican I will be supporting Roy Moore in the upcoming election. He is the nominee of the Republican party," she explained.

Governor Ivey stressed the importance of high participation, not just in elections, but in the upcoming 2020 census. She said if participation is low, a congressional seat could be at risk.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle agreed, saying, "Whether it's in the state house, state senate, or in the house of representatives, that is very important for us. You don't want to lose one of your delegations."

Mayor Battle said if you lose a member of your delegation, you lose an electoral vote. But, he said the census is also crucial for other reasons.

"You want to get a real accurate count because it gives you some knowledge about your community, that helps you either grow your community or helps you direct where your resources need to be, and that's important," he explained.

Here in Huntsville, Mayor Battle said they started working through the census process for 2020 several months ago.

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