TAKING ACTION: Palmer Park master plan coming along

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MADISON, Ala. --Palmer Park is one of Madison's busiest parks, but many users consider it to be dated and in desperate need of some updates.

In June viewers asked WHNT News 19 to take action and look into what could be done for the park. Now, those same viewers said they haven't seen any improvements and are asking for an update.

WHNT News 19 took action to get it for them.

Madison Parks and Recreation Director Kory Alfred said since June they have made some improvements, they just might not be noticeable to Palmer Park users.

"We've done a lot of field upgrades, those kind of things. Now we're focused on not only keeping our fields in good condition, but upgrading the amenities, the concession stands, the restrooms, those kinds of things," he explained.

Alfred said the good news is, the city council has approved the 20 year master plan, which means now they can really get started.

"Adding on to the east side of the park, which will include three soccer fields, a dog park area, 180 parking spaces, restrooms," he said.

He said he hopes to be moving dirt sometime after this winter. However, he asks Palmer Park users for patience. The renovations will have to be done in phases.

"We have to plan things a year ahead of time. Our budget's not big enough to just take off and do certain things without planning for it."

It's important to note the park is about 30 years old and hasn't seen many of upgrades. It's going to be a long process, but Alfred hopes park goers will start to see some significant changes pretty soon.

"When you leave this fall and come back in the spring hopefully we'll have some of those upgrades completed," he said.

Monday night the Madison City Council is supposed to vote on the construction drawings for the additions to the park, which will put the first phase of updates into motion.