DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office raises money through a seized items auction

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Whenever the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office seizes property from a drug case, those items go through the court system. They can ask the court for the seized items. “If the judge finds that it is sizable material, he will seize that and we pile until we can get enough things to have a large sale,” said Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson.

Once the sheriff’s office receives enough items, they hold an auction. The last sale was a hit. “We sold 19 cars, a four wheeler, three motorcycles, a utility trailer and a camper,” said Chief Deputy Edmondson.

Anyone is allowed to participate in these auctions. “We have to advertise it in the newspaper and advertise it for about a month solid for the court proceedings.”

The money made from the auctions will go back to the drug task force unit  to help fund their department. “Their equipment, vehicle expense, gas expense, office expense, safety equipment for the officers vests.

This extra cash is a great help to the sheriff’s office overall. “It’s big for us because we don’t have a lot of funding opportunities, so it’s very big,” said Chief Deputy Edmondson.

They hope to have another auction within the next six months.