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Russellville High recognized as state leader in AP course involvement

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – A celebration was held Thursday morning at Russellville High School. Students and teachers were recognized on the state level for excelling in Advanced Placement courses.

The auditorium was packed with students and dignitaries all gathered to celebrate their achievements in education.

Three years ago the school began offering Advanced Placement courses for students.

Lorraine Perez, Russellville High School

“The thinking skills and the way that we teach is going to really prepare them for more than that. Because learning how to think, that’s a critical skill,” explained Lorraine Perez, a Russellville High School teacher.

In order for it to be a success on state scale everyone had to buy in. Of the more than 700 students on campus, close to 400 are taking AP courses this year which go towards college credit. Junior Morgan Seay is one of them.

Morgan Seay, Russellville High School

“I’m hoping to at least go through my whole freshman year in high school of college. (That saves so much time for you.) And money, a lot of money.”

The Alabama Department of Education has named Russellville High School an A+ College Ready “School of Excellence”, an award faculty members take pride in.

“It’s really a privilege to be able to teach here at this school; I think it’s the best,” said Perez.

With a school population which is so diverse, teachers are getting students prepared no matter what their future might hold.

Other schools in north Alabama recognized as being a “School of Excellence” include Albert P. Brewer High School and West Point High School in Cullman County.

High schools in Alabama began offering Advanced Placement courses in 2008.