Foggy Friday morning: patchy dense fog likely again, and so is more hot weather

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Expect another night of patchy dense fog!  Temperatures drop into the middle and upper 60s by daybreak, and some foggy spots make for poor visibility in the morning.

Autumn begins at 3:02 PM CDT Friday, and the thermometer will be up around 88ºF with a feels like in the mid-90s at that moment unless you are lucky enough to get a brief shower or thunderstorm to beat back the heat (rain chance around 30% from 11 AM to 6 PM). It stays hot and humid this weekend and early next week; however, a strong cold front finally breaks the back of summer’s heat by next Thursday and Friday.

Football Friday: We usually expect lower to middle 80s at the most on the first day of Fall; this year, we’ll be lucky to stay below 90ºF for an afternoon high. High humidity means it will feel like August instead of September. By game time Friday evening, any isolated showers and storms fade away with the setting sun. Temperatures slowly drop toward the mid-70s by the end of the games.

Weekend outlook: It’s just more of the same: hot, hazy and humid. Temperatures stay about 5 to 8 degrees above average for late September with a feels like around 90ºF to 95ºF from noon to 5 PM. A weak disturbance (upper-air low) over the region stirs up some unevenly scattered showers and storms, so have a back-up plan for your outdoor activities in case a downpour heads your way.

Track scattered showers storms with’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19! Live Alert 19 also offers severe weather alerts and notifications when rain (and lightning) are getting too close for comfort.

Who’s up for some cooler weather?  It’s snowing in Wyoming now.  We hit 91ºF in Huntsville Thursday; Chicago broke a record high at 94ºF, and it’s 30ºF and snowing at Teton Pass.  While that’s not entirely ‘crazy’ for September, it sure makes you wish for some cooler weather if you’re in our shoes!

The unusually hot weather (compared to ‘average’ and what most of us want this time of year) lasts another six days. Six long, hot, summer-like days.

After that, a strong cold front moves through here next Thursday. It brings a chance of some scattered showers and storms, but the biggest headline is the cooler air rushing in behind!

Temperatures drop below average to start October. We won’t see any record cold with this push of cooler weather, but you certainly will feel a difference!

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