Fort Payne City Council discusses the idea of alcohol sales on Sundays

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – The sale of alcohol Monday thru Saturday in Fort Payne began back in 2004. Now people are asking for Sundays. “To progress Fort Payne, to move us forward to compete with other cities around us that are doing Sunday alcohol sales,” says Councilman Brian Baine.

Although Councilman Baine put the issue on the agenda, he has a different position overall. “I’m against alcohol sales Monday thru Saturday much less on Sunday.”

He sees its potential when it comes to tourism and revenue, though. “I get the fact that there’s restaurants that will not come to Fort Payne if we don’t have Sunday alcohol sales,” says Councilman Baine.

There are many who share his personal stance, but there are also business owners speaking out. “This is a tourist town and we get people coming in on Sunday afternoon and when we ask if they have alcohol, we say no. And they just turn around and walk out,” says Veronica Rodriguez, owner of Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant.

The council decided to not handle the issue but place it back in the hands of the people through a vote. “Realistically, probably November of next year before that is even brought up to be put in an ballot,” says Councilman Baine.

He says it’s a touchy subject but ultimately a decision will need to be made. “When you’re sitting in this seat, you have to look at both sides. You have to do what’s best to marry both sides.”

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