Business owner wants your help identifying fireworks thief

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - Ricky Lowery, a Limestone County business owner, wants your help after he says someone broke into the Harvest Road fireworks stand that he and his wife operate during the summer.

"I'm on kidney dialysis and my wife runs it to help us make a few extra dollars," he explained. "It's pretty fun. We meet a lot of people."

The Lowerys have had their stand for around eight years. It is in a rural area, but they say they get a lot of local business when they open. After the 4th of July, they close it down. This past summer, they had some extra stock left over that they would save for the following year.

But on August 18, Lowery said his wife first noticed something strange from their home across the street from the stand.

"She looked out here and noticed the end door was open. She woke me up and said she believed someone had broken into the stand."

Lowery said he went out to check.

"Sure enough, the door was open and they had gone in and broken the locks. And gotten some stuff," he explained.

The Lowerys cleaned up, but then they were hit again just two or three days later.

"They beat on a door until they knocked a hole in it," he said, noting the accused thieves cleaned out the rest of the fireworks he had inside. "Probably about three or four thousand dollars' worth. They got just about all of them," Lowery explained. "It bothers me. I want to see them caught. It's hard enough to get by and then were going to have to replace a lot of that stuff."

The Lowery family will also need to make many repairs before they can open again next year.

"I'm just going to have to hire somebody because I can't do it," Lowery lamented.

The hardest thing about this is that the Lowery family does not know who is responsible. They can't think of who would do this, especially long after the 4th of July has ended. He hopes whoever it was got the best bang for his buck.

"I hope they enjoy the fireworks," said Lowery. He said it may not be hard to figure out who took them, half-joking that if you hear large amounts of fireworks being fired where you live it may be a clue.

Lowery reported the burglary to the Limestone County Sheriff's Office. Investigators, we confirmed, are still investigating the case.

Because Lowery did not have video surveillance, there are no images for them to use to solve the crime. But deputies say that just means it may take a little longer.

"Were kind of depending on the community, the area around it," said Stephen Young, sheriff's office Public Information Officer. "Investigators are following up on leads."

Young added that tips will be helpful.

"This is an active investigation at this time," he said.

Lowery wants anyone who has information that can help to call the Limestone County Sheriff's Office at (256) 232-0111.

"I'm curious to who did it, and I want to be reimbursed," he stated.

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