Last week of campaigning for Roy Moore & Luther Strange

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HUTNSVILLE, Ala. — There aren't many days left until Roy Moore and Luther Strange find out who Alabamians want on the Republican ticket in the Special Senate general election. Whoever wins will be facing Democratic nominee Doug Jones for the senate seat, once held by Jeff Sessions.

Both Moore and Strange have received a lot of support along the campaign trail.

Moore has earned multiple endorsements, including those from Representative Mo Brooks, Governor Sarah Palin, and Gun Owners of America.

President Donald Trump, Senator Richard Shelby and the NRA are among those that announced their support for Luther Strange.

A recent poll shows that while Moore is in the lead currently, Luther Strange is quickly gaining ground.

Madison County's top Republican believes that the undecided voters who supported Congressman Mo Brooks will have an impact on the race.

"The Moore voters are going to stay with Moore, the Luther voters are going to stay with Luther, but what's the undecided voters going to do? What's the Mo Brooks voter going to do?" said Madison County Republican Party Chairman Sam Givhan.

Both campaigns are hitting the trail hard in the last week before the election in an attempt to sway those undecided voters. Roy Moore recently made stops in Florence and Decatur, while Strange's team spent Monday campaigning in Hoover.

WHNT reached out to both camps to see how they were doing in the final week leading up to the election.

The Strange for Senate Campaign released the following statement:

"Our campaign is feeling great and the momentum is clearly on our side. We are confident because our robust ground campaign is one this state has never seen. We are also thrilled and honored President Trump will visit Alabama in support of Senator Strange later this week."

We're currently waiting to hear back from Roy Moore's Office.