Do endorsements help you win an election?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There`s only one Republican ticket up for grabs in the Special Senate general election. Both Roy Moore and Luther Strange want it.

Each candidate has been campaigning hard and both have gotten endorsements from political figures and organizations.

President Donald Trump hasn`t been shy about his thoughts on Luther Strange. He announced he will be heading to the Rocket City on Friday to support him.

"Roy Moore won 60 counties in this state, but two of the ones he lost was in this market, Madison County and Limestone County. This might be a good time to try and take some of former Judge Moore`s support away," UAH Associate Professor of Political Science Andree Reeves said.

Who`s backing Moore? President Trump`s former Chief Strategist that helped him win the 2016 election.

Some may see this race as Trump versus Bannon, but Reeves said that`s not true. "On the national level you have the dynamic of Trump versus Bannon, but this was decided long before most people were aware of Steve Bannon. I suspect the voters are not paying that much attention to it," Reeves said.

Reeves said endorsements don't really help in this election. She said they are more effective during primaries.

But who will win this election? She said only time will tell. She said Strange has the corporate money and support behind him and Roy Moore doesn't .

She said Moore doesn't need much money support because his voters are passionate. "And more enthusiastic as evangelicals and true believers, than are Luther Strange's followers who are more bent on trying to keep someone like Roy Moore out of office," Reeves said.