Don’t Let Fake Tickets Spoil Your Big Event

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This is a big time of year for scammers! With baseball, football, soccer and concerts all in season at the same time, ticket scammers are eager to make their big play. They most often strike when the demand is high, supply limited, and time running out – when buyers are desperate. But they can strike anytime.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to stick with well-known ticket brokers. Even so, many people will still turn to the secondary market for tickets. This market is very attractive for non-season ticket holders, occasional fans, or those making a last-minute decision to see the big game or the most anticipated concert of the year. However, with this convenience comes risk.

To avoid disappointment, take an extra moment to make sure your tickets are legitimate. Best practice: don’t buy from scalpers! If you plan to buy from the secondary market before the big game, check the tickets for inaccuracies. Most tickets now come with holograms to confirm authenticity, so make sure to take a close look before handing over your cash.  Also consider the following tips for safe ticket purchases:

  • Stick with established, mainstream ticket vendors.
  • Check out the seller/broker. Look them up on to see what others have experienced. Check to see if they are a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. NATB members offer a 200% guarantee on tickets that don’t arrive in time for a game, concert or show.
  • Learn the difference between a ticket broker (a legitimate and accredited reseller) and a ticket scalper (an unregulated and unlicensed ticket seller).
  • Check the ticket broker’s refund policy. Only buy from a ticket reseller that provides clear details about the terms of the transaction.
  • Always use a credit card so you have some recourse if the tickets are not as promised; do not use cash.
  • Check out the seats ahead of time. Always ask for section, row and seat number to avoid obstructed view seats or seats that do not exist. Also, feel free to ask questions to make certain you get all the answers you need to feel comfortable with your ticket purchase.

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit ticket, immediately report it to the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) hotline at 630-510-4594 and file a complaint with BBB at

Source: BBB of North Alabama

To report a scam, go to the BBB Scam Tracker. To find trustworthy businesses, go to

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