Prosecutor says ‘one of the most dangerous men’ he’s ever met has been sentenced to life in prison

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  A Huntsville man, who ate rat poison in August 2013 while he confessed to his wife that he’d killed someone, was sentenced to life in prison today.

Kenyatta Martin, 34, pleaded guilty to murder in the strangulation and bludgeoning death of A’viona Bronson on Aug. 12, 2013, who he’d been dating. Bronson’s body was found in the Executive Lodge Apartments in Huntsville.

Madison County Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann said the guilty plea and life sentence was an excellent result. Gann said Martin’s DNA was also found on a murder victim in Jackson, Miss. from a 2008 murder.

“I firmly believe that he is one of the most dangerous men that I have ever seen or been around,” Gann said. “Based on this case, based on looking at the facts over in Mississippi as well. The violence of it. We are extremely happy that he is doing a life sentence.

At his sentencing hearing Friday morning before Circuit Judge Alan Mann, Martin admitted guilt and briefly addressed the court.

“Words are not sufficient, I am very sorry,” Martin said.

Gann said prosecutors had originally charged him with capital murder and planned to seek the death penalty in the case. But, they ultimately reduced it to a murder charge, because an element of the capital murder charge was rape, which Gann said would have been difficult to prove in a trial because Martin and Bronson were in a relationship.

Martin’s arrest after the killing was also unusual.

Gann said Martin picked up his wife a short time after the killing and while they were driving he told her he’d killed someone during a robbery at the Executive Lodge Apartments. She told police he was eating rat poison when he confessed in an apparent suicide attempt.

She told Martin she needed to stop at the bank where she worked. She then went inside, Gann said, and called 911. Police responded to the scene, arrested Martin and then discovered Bronson’s body at the apartments. Rat poison was also found in the apartment, the prosecutor said.

Investigators in the Jackson, Miss. killing said the victim was a prostitute who was shot execution-style. Her body was set on fire, Gann said today. Martin’s DNA was found at the scene, Gann said, but he hasn’t been charged in the case.

Martin was sentenced by Madison County Circuit Judge Alan Mann.

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