Alley garbage pick-up to stop for many Florence residents

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Change will soon be coming to hundreds of residents in the city of Florence. The city has decided to stop garbage pick-up in many alley-ways starting in October.

Green bins line the alleys across many of the older districts, but starting the first week of October more than half of those who leave their garbage in the backyard will have to take it out front.

This week the city of Florence sent out 400 notifications to home-owners notifying them of the change.

David Koonce, Florence Solid Waste Department

“A lot of these alleys are small, narrow, and designed in the 40’s and 50’s and garbage trucks keep getting bigger,” explained Florence Solid Waste Director David Koonce. “So it is easier for us to pick them up out front than it is to try and get a big truck through a little alley.”

The path’s are often narrow; in many of the alley’s garbage trucks have to back-in.

Koonce said the change will allow their newer trucks to collect at more households.

“Years ago we committed to automated collection. It’s one guy in a truck versus a driver and two guys on the back of the truck. It’s one of the more dangerous jobs in America is being on the back of a garbage tuck. We are getting away from it from injuries to safety.”

For now, 250 homes across the city will continue to get alley service but that number will begin to get smaller and smaller as time passes.

The city of Florence is not planning on laying off any garbage collection workers because of the change. Employees who are retiring, simply won’t be replaced.

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