The City of Bridgeport kicks-off ride to commemorate the Trail of Tears

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. - Over a hundred years and fifty years ago, Native Americans living in the South were forcefully removed from their native land. "We need to not forget. This is important to our history," says Lisa Parton, organizer of the ride.

They were stripped of everything they knew and many lost their lives. "We need to keep it sacred and we need to remember this forced removal, so that we never let events like this happen again," says Parton.

In honor of the event, thousands of bikers from all over the U.S. will ride that Trail of Tears. "The original route is Highway 72, which is named the Trail of Tears Corridor. You may have noticed those signs along the highway."

The Alabama part of the ride begins in Bridgeport. "We leave from Bridgeport early Saturday morning," says Parton. "There's a stop in Madison at lunch, and we pick up many more bikes there and then go on to Waterloo."

They'll be coming from Chattanooga and arrive in the city on Friday at 3 p.m. "We will have an opening ceremony, including the honor guard and various singers, around the afternoon."

While many are excited to watch the bikers take off, they look forward to educating those about the reason for the ride.

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