Preliminary work set to begin on Blake Bottom Road overpass this fall

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- The long-awaited Blake Bottom Road overpass project is poised to start preliminary work this fall. After a few years, Madison County leaders are looking forward to making this a reality for residents.

Traffic back up on Research Park Boulevard can be a pain, and for those waiting to exit at Blake Bottom Road, even more so. A new overpass will hopefully solve that problem, whether you're traveling north or south.

"We're trying to hope to get this bridge in to where it'll help to alleviate some of the traffic concerns out there in the afternoon," said Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

Vandiver is the District Four Madison County Commissioner. With the incredible growth Madison County is seeing, this road project became a necessity.

"It'll take you from Research Park, have a bridge that goes across and goes straight back to Blake Bottom Road, so the people out in the northwest part of the county don't have to go down, turn around and come back around," Vandiver said.

Commissioner Vandiver said the Alabama Department of Transportation is still finalizing the details, but it's looking like a local contracting company will get the bid for the project. That in turn keeps the work right here in Madison County.

"So that's the good thing about it, we're going to get a road to help our community, and we're also going to get jobs in our community. So I like that part about it to where we can help two things at once," said Vandiver.

As for the timeline, you could see preliminary work begin as early as the next couple of months.

"We'll probably start this fall cleaning out some trees and things on the east side of the road, and then probably start this spring with the true construction part of it," he explained.

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