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Huntsville native returns to the Rocket City to avoid Hurricane Irma

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hurricanes are something Cody Hann isn't used to. Hann was born and raised in the Rocket City, but relocated to Miami four years ago.

Hann watched the news, listened to local officials and saw the devastation in the Caribbean Islands. He knew after that he had to evacuate Florida.

Hann and his partner headed back to Huntsville. "We brought a suitcase of clothes, our work computers and we brought our dogs," Hann said.

The normal drive took a lot longer than expected.  "We got about 73 miles south of Orlando and had a flat tire on our car," Hann explained.

He said waiting for a tow truck and getting a new car added several hours to their drive time. All in all, it took them 26 hours to drive from their apartment in Miami to Huntsville.

He's thankful they left when they did, because the traffic leaving the sunshine state has worsened. He said there's a lot of unknowns right now, but he's counting his blessings. "Good thing is we are here, we are safe and all the material possessions can be replaced," said Hann.

He wants everyone to send their love and support to the areas effected by Hurricane Irma.