United Givers Fund of DeKalb County starts their fall campaign

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - The United Givers Fund is ready for another year of giving. "This year we're looking to raise $250 thousand dollars and of course it's distributed to our 10 member agencies, all of those in DeKalb County," said campaign chairman Cole Justice.

The organization started with a kickoff dinner, getting everyone pumped up for the fall campaign. "These local agencies work very hard and funding is tight for everyone. This is just our way of giving back," said Justice. "They do a lot on their own, but it's also a way for the community to have one central place to give back to."

The Boy Scouts, Salvation Army and the Arc of DeKalb County are just a few of the efforts that receive these funds. "Everything stays local. We know these people, we see these people and its great to help out everyone we know and love."

They will collect money for the next six to nine weeks, and this year's campaign is definitely an eye catcher. "Around town you're going to see some pretty pink flamingos and a big UGF sign, and you're going to have to pay money to get it out of your yard, so we're hoping that fund raising effort does well," said Justice.

A company can pledge or you can even send in a check, in order to help the United Givers Fund reach their goal this year.

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