Jackson County School district receives $200,000 from Google

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative is now completely funded in Jackson County, all thanks to Google.

"It's a needed operation to improve science, math, technology, the exposure to engineering; all of the STEM things that prepare our kids for the future," says Anthony Buckner of Jackson County schools.

The initiative provides different STEM related kits and labs for the classroom that teachers would have to find and buy on their own. "The problem solving that comes from math and science translates into any job that you want to go into," says Buckner.

It gives students in this rural area endless opportunities. "I grew up on a farm like a lot of the kids around here, and we had to be very science based because of the experiments that we were doing."

All of these labs are based on hands on activities. So instead of sitting at a desk and listening to a lecture, students are actively participating in their learning. "You're looking," says Kindra Robbins of Section School. "You're getting results. You're seeing why this is happening. You're not just talking about how it can happen."

Teachers are already seeing major results with this program. "When they're doing testing at the end of the year, ACT testing," says Robbins. "When they're looking at graphs, charts, and data it will help them recall this particular lab that they did."

When the Google grant impacts ACT testing, the payoff couldn't be bigger for area schools.

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