Is the Student in Front of You in The Campus Bookstore a Classmate? Maybe Not…

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There’s a level of camaraderie between college students, especially in a time of need. Lending a helping hand — or student ID, to a supposed fellow student in need is fueling this rapidly growing scam affecting college bookstores. Scammers posing as college students are entering college bookstores to shop for high-end electronics that the school offers at a reduced price to enrolled students. Once the perpetrator arrives at the checkout counter, they claim to have misplaced their student ID and asks a student in line to vouch for them. Once the unknowing student vouches for the purported classmate, the con purchases the electronics with stolen credit card information, thus causing the bookstore to lose the money made during the transaction.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers the following tips to college campuses:

  • For students, don’t agree to facilitate a purchase for someone who does not have a valid student ID.
  • For school administrators, establish a procedure at your campus bookstore that includes a provision against allowing a purchaser to use a credit card in someone else’s name.
  • For victims, notify campus police or campus public safety.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation

To read the original article, visit Wanted: Your Campus ID

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