Huntsville Salvation Army on stand by for the potential threat of Hurricane Irma

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - First there was Harvey, now Irma and possibly Jose. Three different hurricanes possibly striking within weeks of each other. "It's been pretty intense," said Major Anthony Baso.

Salvation Armies around the state are on standby for the possible devastation that could occur next in Florida. "Not just paid staff but we also have volunteers that are always on stand by," said Major Baso. "As soon as they are at a moments notice, we're able to deploy those officers, volunteers and those mobile canteen units."

These canteen's will provide the necessary items to help those weathering the storms. While the Salvation Army stays ready around the clock, the recent occurrences are a little shocking.

"It's a little overwhelming. You know we plan for these things. We just don't plan for back to back normally, so we do a lot of praying and we just keep rotating our officers and volunteers."

These upcoming storms may not directly affect North Alabama, but volunteers are still needed locally. "Just in our office here in Huntsville, we're already being inundated with phone calls from concerned citizens," said Major Baso.

"Thank God we had a volunteer here today that was able to help our reception. Anyone that has that skill set, we can use help just answering phones, fielding and passing them on to people."

Major Baso said until they get that call they'll just be waiting, ready and alert.

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