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The return of Mule Day hits the City of Collinsville

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COLLINSVILLE, Ala. - People from near and far gathered on Labor Day for the return of the famous Mule Day. It's a festival that began in Ider, but the city decided to cancel the event.

"Well we were disappointed because it's always been a Labor Day tradition for us" says Roy Blavins. He and his wife Connie have attended almost every single Mule Day in Ider.

The food and fun had such a big impact that the City of Collinsville decided to pick it back up. "I love to watch the horses and the mules. That's my favorite part. I love to see them pull, that's the reason I come. I love it," says Connie.

Mule Day was originally created for people in the area to showcase their animals. "Well we bring out our Mules. We love to show them off. It's fun." Saletha Gaskin says a lot of preparation goes into the big day. "We wake up really, really early because we have to brush them up," explains Saletha. "Make them look real slick and clean. And of course we get trimmers. We have to trim and clip their ears."

This gets their mules ready for various competitions."Just seeing which mule is the prettiest, who has the best ground manners," says Saletha. Once an Ider tradition, many say the new Collinsville celebration is well on its way. "Everything's been great so far," says Connie. "We really like it."

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