Rainsville is renovating their city park — making is more accessible to those with disablilites

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - New features are coming to Rainsville's city park and pool area. "Some of the things that we needed to improve on was some handicap accessibility to different parts of the park," says Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

The state made these recommendations after a regular inspection, so the council immediately went to work. "We just upgraded some of the playground equipment in the park. We're trying to get, possibly upgraded restroom facilities," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

They're also adding a bench area next to the walking trail. This is especially helpful for those visiting the city's new memorial. "People want to come and see that. They want to come down there and see all of the things in the park.

City leaders say they enjoy providing a service like the park and its walking trail to its residents and they'll do anything they can to make it easily accessible to all. "It benefits everyone and it's one of those things that you know as a city we need to do that. We need to fix those places like that," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

The city hopes to complete the park renovations over the next few months.

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